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rated: pg

pairing(s): sekaioc, baekhyun x oc if you squint o uo

warnings: like. one swear word or something idk

word count: 1,204

a/n: this from a hybrid!au pervertnoona and i are writing, which contain ocs. e ue

     “Has she met with other hybrids before?” Jongin questions curiously, perched on a bench beside Sehun.

The sun beats down on them something fierce, but the trees around the park manage to shade them from the brunt of it. Essie let’s out soft laughter as she swings back and forth on the swing set, going higher and higher.

Sehun’s affectionate smile mirrors Jongin’s own as he shrugs, eyes pulling away from the girls form to look at his friend.

“Not sure, honestly. Junmyeon never told me much about her past or where he got her from.”

The raven hums in understanding and he’s about to respond properly before a weight collides into him, crushing him in a hug.

“Jongin!” A familiar voice crows.

With a wheezing laugh, said boy pushed Baekhyun away slightly and pats the cat on the head a bit awkwardly. He never did like being touched without being the one to first initiate it.


Essie was the exception to the rule.

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[itunes drabble meme;]

rated: PG

pairing(s): sekai, jonghyun-centric, baeksoo

warnings: none

word count: 368

a/n: tbh hardly any of these are considered drabbles???? they’re more like snippets???? idk i’m dumb

Viva La Vida” – Cold Play [Jonghyun-centric]

Jonghyun’s castle was in ruins.

A once powerful and great king, but once the layers were pulled back, he was nothing but a man consumed with the notion that he ruled the world.

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[how to save a life;]

title: how to save a life

rated: PG-13

pairing: jongyu

warnings: suicidal themes (don’t worry there isn’t a character death orz), some swearing

word count: 1,552

     Junghee came from a family of introverts. Her parents and older sister weren’t much for “sharing”, especially when it came to feelings. She was the perfect illusionist— she could pretend she was happy, pretend she actually cared about everyone else, and that she liked the fact that her “friends”, much like her mother and father, seemed to want to control every aspect of her life; ranging from what the girl wore, to what she needs to eat to stay,

“Thin and beautiful— remember Junggie, no one is born beautiful, rather, beautiful people are made.”

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[here in your arms;]

title: here in your arms

rated: g

pairing: ontae

word count: 324

    If you were to ask Eunsook just what it was about Taeyeon that she loved and adored so much, she probably wouldn’t be capable of answering. Not that you should take it as there was nothing to love about the younger, there were just…so many things it was hard to figure out what to say first.

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title: paparazzi

rated: g

pairing: jongho

a/n: I just like jongho shhhh.

Snap, snap! 

A sound Minho was normally used to hearing, but he figured he’d ask anyway.

“Jonghyun-hyung, what are you doing?” Said blond, Nikon still glued to his face chuckled, snapping another picture.

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love meeeeee.~” Jonghyun sang in reply, and the shutter went off again. Finally, he detached the camera at the sight of Minho’s frown.

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How about some drabbles?

[yes, no, maybe;]

title: yes, no, maybe

pairing: OnTaaaae
warning: None

rating: G

a/n: /dusts this off from the abyss of my past

Patient moments chill to the bone under infinite greys.

Jinki motioned for the guards to leave the two of them be, as he so often did. Both Minho and Kibum bowed; the flickering flames of the many lamps, glittering against the steel of their swords.

“As you wish, your highness.” And they slipped from the room, ceiling high stone doors closing firmly behind them.

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title: wanderer
pairing: junghee & minjung
rating: G
genre: fluff~
warnings: none
a/n: sorry for being such a bum. I NEED MORE GIRLEE IN MY LIFE, OKAY? ಠ_ಠ

"wouldn’t it be cool if we could eat the clouds?" minjung blinked at the question, turning her head to the girl laying beside her.

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[and i was like, ‘baby. baby, no.’;]

Title: And I was like, ‘Baby. Baby, no’.
No warnings~
: none, really. just jonghyun-centric c:
a/n: in which jonghyun becomes obsessed with just bieber’s music. (partially inspired by this.) \ o /

Ah, a relaxing moment for Kibum; he loved these times. It was quiet, everyone was off doing their own thing and he embraced the—


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